An invigorating blend of herbs used to detox the vagina on an intense level! The yoni steaming herb is formulated to help with tightness, vaginal dryness, cleanness, symptoms of BV and yeast infections and an overall womb rejuvenation.  

With herbs ranging from Calendula, used for healing and rose petals, this steaming blend will leave you refreshed and energized. 

Directions: Boil water with the desired amount of herbs to add to a sitz bath container. Carefully pour the herb mixture into the container then allow to cool slightly. Carefully place your body over the steam in a squatting position, being careful to not touch the water. Allow the steam to penetrate the vaginal area for up to 20 minutes. 
***DO NOT use for steaming if you have an Intra Uterine Device (IUD). If you have an IUD, you may still use the herbal blend by soaking in a warm bath***

Net weight: 1/2 ounce

Yoni Steaming Herbs



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