A botanical blend of Calendula, Comfrey, Chamomille, and Oregano herbs with Lavendar essential oil. These are organic and very powerful herbs that are well tolerated by most ages and skin conditions. Coupled with the essential oil of Lavendar, the success rate of this product has been tremendous for helping to quickly alleviate itch and exaggerate the healing process of numerous skin conditions, as well as soften and seal in beard moisture. 

No Parabens | No Sulfates | No Detergents | Chemical Free | Cruelty-Free
Razor Bumps
Beard Hair
Very Dry Skin

Upon Skin Salve

  • Ingredients: Pure Sunflower Oil, Calendula, Comfrey, Chamomille, Organic Beeswax, Pure Cocoa Butter

  • Please consult your doctor for a proper diagnosis of eczema or other skin conditions before using this product or any other over the counter eczema treatments. GG Naturals products do not claim to cure eczema or any other skin condition and is not FDA approved. There has been no animal testing on any GG Naturals products.


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