Top 5 Reasons You Get Skin Breakouts and ERUPTIONS

Let's cut through the chase and get right to it.

1. Hormones. Something you cannot control for the most part. Especially as a teenager or a woman who is approaching menopause. A vegan diet has proven to be a better option for those who fall into these categories when it comes to controlling hormones. It may not be a be all end all but it is certainly a better option than hormone filled meats AND hormone filled veggies. In other words, chose wisely and organic when at all possible. Even better... grow your own food to be absolutely certain that what you are eating comes from organic gardening!

2. Chemical filled products. There are over 35 million people who have been diagnosed with eczema in the United States alone. Being that my own children suffered with it from a very young age, I am all too familiar with the life effects of living with eczema. There is hope! The hope is not in the form of a cure, but in the form of a better quality of life for those who suffer with the skin condition. Natural skin care products have been a quality of life saver for my children! GG Naturals chemical free soaps are our everyday go to for removing the harmful chemicals which no doubt affect sensitive skin in a dramatic way.

3. Drink plenty of water. This is a conversation that I had with my 14 year old this morning. She wanted me to mention that drinking water as soon as she wakes up in the morning has made a significant difference in the dry patches on her skin. Pay special attention to when you drink water as well as how much you drink. Your body goes through healing and recovery overnight and needs to be hydrated in the morning.

4. Medications. If you are on medications prescribed by a doctor, just know, in the word of my very own physician "ALL medications have side effects." Because the skin is the largest organ on the body, anything foreign that enters the body will likely affect the skin.

5. Diet. Fast food will affect your skin. Sodas, pop, soft drinks, or whatever you call in your part of the world, will affect your skin. These things are loaded with sugar, yeast, etc... and your skin will suffer if you allow more of it in your system than your body system can handle.

Stephanie Major is a Tallahassee Florida natural soap maker who is dedicated to providing products that make a difference. Chemical free and color free is her choice and her customers are happy and extremely content with this method because they get results. Stephanie is shown below with her daughter at an event in Baton Rouge Lousiana.



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