DIY Hand Sanitizer 

If you would like to see the actual video of me making the hand sanitizer visit my IG page

As the corona virus scare is growing now within the US, people are scrambling to buy all the protection they can possibly get. Hand sanitizer is sold out all over my city (Tallahassee) and my family being literally down to one small bottle, I decided to take matters into my own hands and DIY it!

I can't say it is unreasonable for people to be afraid considering all the cover ups that happen within our governmental system but I will say don't panic to the point of causing undue stress and hoarding things from those who may be most at risk (babies, elderly, immune system compromised). At times like this, we really must come together and be sure to share the resources, especially if we are stock piling. Be ready to place a few drops on your neighbor's hand if necessary. Be well and blessed!


6 inch piece of aloe gel

1/4 cup 91% alcohol

20 drops lavender oil



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