Call me Potato Face!

As you know by now I'm all about natural everything... I mean everything! I even went started living a vegan lifestyle this year.

I was reading an article regarding diminishing dark spots because, let's face it, we all have them in one area or another. What I came across really shocked me to say the least. Potatoes. The natural cure was potatoes. Sweet potatoes are extremely high in anthocyanin which helps reduce puffiness in the face. Whether you spent a long night at the office or are a s student studying for hours on end, this delicious treat is here to help. Simply cut two small half circles of a sweet potato and place them under your eyes to help reduce dark circles AND reduce wrinkles. How great is that? GG Naturals offers the sweat potato in a soap to help you clean and reduce dark spots at the same time! This one was made by me, as a means to simply things for myself, as a busy mom who needs as few steps to beauty as possible. I am a full time business owner, mom, wife and student so I needed something to help me keep my skin looking great and something that is naturally anti-aging! I hope this can be an option for those reading this as well and please leave me a note in the comment section to let me know if this is something you have tried and how it worked for you.

Peace and blessings to you and yours,

Stephanie Major


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